The reason behind the Wissdoom

MohammadIs to have a little fun with the brothers – who are not brothers. And the sissters – who are not sissters!! And to show them what a glorious pisfull and logical religion they have submitted to, where Allahn (SWAG) and prompet Mohammad (POS) made the logical holly rules – 1,400 years ago. The holly rules say without a doubt that the Earth is flat (which you will find proof of on this holly site), that (Muslim)man raised from a lump of mud, that Juice is worse than apes and pigs, and of course the unfaithful (rape victims) naturally must be stoned, Insjallanata!!

If you feel offended by this holly site (simply stereotyping the brothers), you are either a dirty kuffar liberal, or a stereotype brother (or sisster).

Allahnhu Akrotot and Marshmallow!!!! Salami, piece!!!

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