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Issa from IS
Issa from IS

First of all, brother Issa from IS regrets that he is not able to keep a Facebook page going, as the bloody juice who owns it keeps throwing us out!!!! I hate the juice!!! And the big Satan, UsA!! And SAS!!! Both the British bastards and the Scandinavian kuffar Airline!!!

But on the positive side, since Islam means piece, is the religion of smile and laughter, and pis, both Infidels, dirty kuffars, and the glorious pisfull brothers from the region of piece are allowed to comment, using the juice’s Facebook (or Juicebook, as we brothers say) comment field. We (the brothers) have tricked him!!! Allahnhu Akbar!!!!

You can share the posts on Juicebook too, and the juice can do nothing!!! Allahnhu Akbar!!!

Big thanks go to our sponsors: AllahuAckubar Productions, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Koko Haram, and of course Issa from IS, who has made it all possible with his Mikrostuff Windows 95. Allahn will grant you all a special place in Paris if you should decide to strap a bomb around your waist and hit the button. Incjalla!!! Piece!!



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