Maradonna concert


This photography shows the brothers during a Maradonna concert. Brother Abdullah Habib Mohammed Reza is singing along to “Like a prayer”.


Dirty kuffar joke (haram)

anthemSalami brothers!

On my way to the holly mosque today, I met a dirty kuffar. He wanted to tell me a joke, or spit out haram as the brothers say. He said “Why did the Muslim cross the road?
A. To get to the other side!…”

I stopped him right there! I said: “Why are you asking me, you are so racist now us poor Muslims have to explain why we cross roads? Next you will want us to sing the national anthem!”




Brother Hussein is a wise brother, and if anyone tries to criticise our beloved prompet Muhammad (POS) or our pieceful region, we will punish them with piece!!!

Both stoning and beheading is piece, because it stays quiet once the screaming stops.

Allahnhu Akbra!!



This young boy is a gooood little dhimmi. He helped us bomb the living crap out of the Serbs, even though we jihaded their ass big time. We just call him Hillbilly, because his name is kuffar Bill, and he used to work at the satanic Capitol Hill in the satanic America. He became a dhimmi when we brought him gifts – sigars. Unfortunately the sigars got him sacked.

How to get a 72-year-old virgin in Paris

Untitled-2Malakalaika brothers!

This is how we do it, Salami! Suicide bombers do both things at once and are therefore instantly granted a 72-year-old virgin in Paris!!! Because Islam means piece, and Muhammad (POS) is the piecefull massager of Allahn (SWAG) !!!!!


“Brother Beautiful”

1557538_363125900533632_4966582050613994732_n-2Assallamilikkem brothers.

My good friend brother Abu Hamza, or as we call him, “brother Beautiful”, or “brother Gorgeous”. With his charme and beauty, he should in fact be named Hussein , which means “the handsome one”, in Arabic. Women over 9 love him!!!




I am so ashamed today!!!

My youngest brother Ibrahim Mohammed sent me this photo of him in Amsterdam, where he is on holiday visiting an islamic terror cell in the city. Apparently he wanted coffee and went to a coffee shop to get a cup, but ended up stoned instead. Not the right kind of stoned, but that will be arranged when he returns.

Allahn Akbar!

“We Will Rock (stone) You”

10857920_362912903888265_2555465771687468636_nAslakdulkum brothers and sisters.

This is brother Habib and brother Mohammed, singing along to “We Will Rock (stone) You” during Queen’s concert in Islamisbad in 1987. Then someone told brother Habib and brother Mohammed that kuffar Freddie Mercury was gay. As you can see, they just found out!!!


Kuffars be like

10873622_362790140567208_62350908564095147_oSaldamn brothers.

There is so much haram in this photo that I don’t know where to begin. Drinking alcohol, not wearing the veil, smiling and laughing, bare arms, acting like whores!!! Why must kuffars always have a good time, when the best thing to do for fun is to read the Quran 20,000 times in a row, and then give your wife a light beating. Nothing can compare to that!!!

Allahn (SWAG) knows. Islam means piece. Salami!


10339949_362775723901983_5530172301235623719_nSalami brothers and sisters.
Here is a photo from last Ramadan, showing the popular Muslim party game “Zighail”, where contestants compete in who can hold their arm straight out from the body for the longest time. It was at it’s peak between 1938 and 1945, but we still play it.
Allahnhu Ansgar!