Welcome to the wissdoom of Allahn!

cropped-Untitled-2.jpgMore holly stuff will cum on this page when Issa from IS find some time to programme with his Mikrostuff Windows 95 computer machine. But he is probably still in jail in Turkey, for trying to bring his beloved Kalashnikov onboard the plane to our holly headquarter in the holly Moccalokoko Mosque in Londonistan, or he is back in Islamistan, fighting the holly war against the bloody kuffar Russians who are messing up the whole Caliphate plan!!!

In the meantime, until Issa runs out of ammo or food and has to go online to order kebabs (or ammo supplies from brother Hussein of Amerika), when he will also read my secret emails, please use the holly side menu on the right side, Inchofallahn!!!

Also, please make comments on our holly posts and post them to the kuffar Juicebook, just to piss of the bloody Juice who owns it!!

Thank you brothers.

Your holly Imam, Mohammad al-Wise

Islam means piece and Mohammad (POS) is the promote of Allahn (SWAG).



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